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ELTC offers a selection of electrical courses from introduction to electrics to fully qualified accredited electricians; our courses are designed for all levels of experience...


ELTC offers a selection of plumbing courses from introduction to plumbing to a fully qualified accredited plumber as well as everything in-between...


With the ever growing demand for green installers and the feedback from our past and current students ELTC saw renewable technologies training as part of our natural progression route...


ELTC short intensive courses are ideal for those who want some basic introductory skills or for individuals who want to gain an insight into the electrical, plumbing, or renewable industry...

about ELTC

Here at eltc we take you all the way from start to site, if you’re thinking about becoming a fully qualified tradesperson then eltc is the perfect place to gain your qualifications, all our training staff have extensive knowledge and credentials in their fields and are fully qualified A1 and V1 assessors and verifiers with site experience. ELTC have a strict maximum of a 1 to 8 ratio of teacher to student and guarantee you won’t be lost in the crowd but receive good instructor exposure and an experience that is second to none.


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“My dad is a building contractor and I have been exposed to the building industry in my early years. I decided to qualify myself as a plumber and join my dad’s company. The closest centre I could find from my location was ELTC, and so I decided to come and visit the centre.

I couldn’t have been any luckier when I came to the centre and saw that it was all I needed. The class was not big, and I was able to have personal support from the lecturer who was brilliant at explaining the theory, so much so that I haven’t failed any of the multiple choice on-line exams. After completing the course, it was easy for me to find two on-site assessments at my father’s company, but I needed one more.

ELTC helped me find one and complete my portfolio to gain my plumbing qualification. Two months after gaining the certificate and after having my first baby, I’m starting a job in September. “


I have recently moved to England from Albania and I needed to have some sort of qualification under my belt fast so I could start doing a stable job. I have been working within the building industry for a while now, and realised that plumbers are on demand.

I decided to become a plumber then, and I wanted it quick. I got in touch with ELTC and they were able to help me complete the course in eight weeks and finish my NVQ work in three. I was really grateful for the support and guidance I received from Kas (one of the facility staff) to finish and complete all the paper work for my portfolio.

I’m ready to come back in September to do my unvented and Part P course.


After working in the demolition industry for a few weeks I immediately found that this was not what I wanted to be doing for the foreseeable future, I wanted something different and more exciting so I decided to go into the world of plumbing.

I found ELTC through a recommendation of a friend whom I was working with at the time and gave them a call to arrange a visit. The centre was quick and easy to find, best thing about the area was the free parking out directly in front. I was taken on a tour of the centre and happy with everything I had seen I signed up there and then, the office staff made it quick and easy with them handling all the paperwork.

When the course started I really surprised at the small classes and how well explained the content was, it felt like there was on-to-one tuition. Any question I had the lecturers answered and explained fully. My favourite parts of the course were the hands-on practical work as I enjoyed it the most. ELTC sorted out the NVQ part of my diploma by finding all my on-site work. Once I received my certificate ELTC got me my JIB Blue Card which enabled me to work on-site and helped me to find my first job on site.


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